Hi! In this exploration I take you to the abandoned slaughterhouse in Monza, an abandoned place that was an important reference point for the city until the early 1980s. Abandoned slaughterhouse in Monza This huge area, whose surface extends for 44 thousand square meters, is divided into three parts: 1. fruit and vegetable market 2. […]


Bonetti-Donà Quarry

Hello! In this exploration I take you to the Bonetti-Donà Quarry in Montegrotto Terme. History of  Bonetti-Donà Quarry The Bonetti-Donà Quarry was a quarry of trachyte, a material much appreciated for its beauty, workability and impermeability; it was extracted from the mountains in front but over time the former entrepreneurs Bonetti and had to compensate for […]


CO.SAR cotton mill

Hello! In this exploration I take you to the former CO.SAR Cotton Mill, a building abandoned since 1995 and has been the protagonist of various judicial vicissitudes. History of the CO.SAR Cotton Mill The CO.SAR Cotton Mill, was designed by the engineer Fausto Cella in 1954 and was financed by the Banco di Sardegna. In […]



Hi! In this urban exploration me and Stefano will take you to Texmantova, an abandoned factory in Garbagnate Milanese, Viale Forlanini 39 that produced yarns and fabrics. Story of Texmantova Before ending up in a state of advanced decay, Texmantova knew a golden age, but let’s go back to its birth. The company was founded […]


Italcementi Montoggio

Hi! In this urban exploration me, Stefano and The Pink Fluffy Unicorn will take you to Italcementi in Montoggio, a great example of industrial archeology. From outside it looked it seemed the usual little building left insignificant, but starting to explore it we realized that it had given us many surprises, because full of underground […]


Isotta Fraschini

Hi there! If you love cars you must read this article about Isotta Fraschini-Breda Motori, a landmark for motors and cars. Story of Isotta Fraschini-Breda Motori Isotta Fraschini-Breda Motori was founded in 1900 by Cesare Isotta, the brothers Fraschini and Ludovico Prinetti. He was based in Milan in Via Monte Rosa and during the first […]