The Green Church

Hi there! In this urban exploration me, Stefano and the Pink Fluffy Unicorn will take you to The Green Church, situated in Genova Bolzaneto.

The Green Church

After some research, I discovered that The Green Church was Durazzo Cataldi Chapel and it’s the rest of a 700 luxury villa, demolished in the 60s to leave room for a rafinery.

Despite the advanced state of decay, it is still possible to see the splendor and the fabulous decorations.

History of Villa Durazzo Cataldi

I didn’t manage to find information, but a plan was created for its recovery through the initiative called “Adopt A Monument” by the FAI THE PLACES OF THE HEART, but to date has not yet been implemented. If you click on the link below you can learn more (the website is in Italian):


To enter the Chiesa Verde-Cappella Durazzo Cataldi you have to climb over, but it is not particularly complicated. The church is located in front of a shopping center, so you can park your car there.

The exploration is quite rapid, also because there is not much to see.

I suggest you to combine this short urban exploration with other longer ones, because coming here only for the Chiesa Verde-Cappella Durazzo Cataldi is not really worth it.




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