The House of Miniature Trains

The House of Miniature Trains

Hello! In this urban exploration, I and the Pink Fluffy Unicorn will take you to the House of the Miniature Trains, a home-showroom-furniture factory located in an anonymous provincial road in Northern Italy.

Seen from the outside gives the idea of ​​a place neglected for a long time and the easy access makes you immediately realize that it has been abandoned for several years.

Inside there’s a so strong moisture  that erased all the images of the photo albums.

I think it was also occupied by homeless people, because in the room there are basins to collect rainwater and for the presence of snacks scattered everywhere.

Story of The House of Miniature Trains

Unfortunately I could not find much information about The House of The MiniatureTrains, I only know that the founder of the furniture factory was  Mr. Bruno in 1977. If you consult Linkedin you can still find his Curriculum Vitae, where the last work experience is just that gained in this place.

This place is a mix of art, collections, but also boxes containing toys for children, maybe to give to his children or those of employees.

Who knows what happened to the owners of this place … Maybe a sudden death, a transfer abroad or the job crisis got the better of them and forced them to close up shack and puppets.

A thing is sure: who lived here was a great art lover, since I found many colored panels and plates with names of various works.

Also here a club had started, maybe the members enjoyed building and putting into operation the huge model of miniature trains.

Of the furniture showroom there remains some bland traces, safeguarded by the sealed doors that have well protected the few objects still exposed as paintings, lamps and some small furnishings.

Coming out of the path once reserved for customers, I was overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia for a piece of Italian manufacture now extinct and supplanted by the cheaper one of the large distributions.


The access to The House of Miniature Trains is really very easy and does not need to get over anything. The area is also quite quiet and does not really risk anything. 100% easy place, I swear!



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