higashiyama aquapark

Higashiyama Aquapark

You have to know that urbex in Japan is a pretty difficult , especially if you do not have a car , because abandoned places are often lost locations.

But if you go to Kyoto, you can explore Hagashiyama Aquapark:  is only a few minutes away from the Kyoto metro station. Before discovering that the entrance is really simple, I walked on a winding uphill road without sidewalks (fortunately with a few cars).

Story of Higashiyama Aquapark

Unfortunately I din’t find any kind of information about this aquapark, but the style of the slides
and the pools are definitely 80s.

The water of the pools became rotten and smelly.  In one of them I found two carps (one white and one red), which were brought by someone.

The disturbing silence is occasionally interrupted by the passage of some wild animal or insect, sure that nobody will disturb them.

On the contrary, I also felt I was uncomfortable among all that peace.

Structure of Higashiyama Aquapark

You enter comfortably from the gate, but you have to juggle among the many weeds and tackle very slippery steps.

A big clock at two different times caught my attention, but also a boat now ready to sink into the swampy decay. The stairs of the pool for children are so rusty that they do not hold the weight of a foot.


Since I don’t know the Japanese legislation at all, I preferred not to be noticed while I was inside
of the Hapashiyama Acquapark.

Luckily it is a very quiet area where very few people pass by (but from the expensive cars I understood that it is inhabited by wealthy people), but close to the entrance there is an open office.
I don’t recommend wearing sneakers or a smooth sole, because the floors and the steps are very slippery, or rather both to go up and down I grabbed firmly on the handrail.
There are also many weeds, but the passage of other urbexers has flattened paths and the urban exploration is much easier.



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