the house of mary poppins

The House of Mary Poppins

Hi there, in this exploration I and the Pink Fluffy Unicorn we will send you back to the past in the House of Mary Poppins.

This beautiful abandoned villa is called like this because it became a mini colony for children and the numerous clothes / toys scattered around the various rooms are the clear testimony.

A neighbor told me that some heirs have moved abroad, no longer caring for the building that still has active Enel meters.

On the ground floor there are the cellar, the kitchen and some children’s room, on the second floor a large frescoed hall and the rooms of the adults.

One of the things that impressed me the most is an old suitcase that belonged to who knows who … maybe it was defeated for not leaving anymore or to be replaced.

Unfortunately I did not find any more news about it … I only imagine the children running around the beautiful garden and taking a dip in the pool, now camouflaged by the thick vegetation


The access to the house is at the back and is very simple, but I recommend you park the car a little far because of the very curious neighbors (as soon as they see that there is someone they try to approach you and ask questions). Given the conditions, avoid taking too many people with you. The structure is still pretty new and is not dangerous at all.


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