the villa of the taxidermist doctor

The Villa Of The Taxidermist Doctor

Hi there, in this exploration I, my friends Peter and Sam, with the inevitable Pink Fluffy Unicorn, we will take you to the The Villa Of The Taxidermist Doctor, a farmhouse belonged to a doctor (dead for years) passionate about hunting and of exotic women

Story Of The Taxidermist Doctor

Talking to some neighbors, I learned that Dr. B. was a very libertine radiologist, a lover of travel and hunting. I immediately noticed his passions from some photos that portrayed him with some women of exotic ethnicity and different embalmed animals that still watch this house decaying more and more. When he retired, he spent his time on agricultural work. I think he died alone, without a wife and children, carrying within him the memories of a life made of medical visits, trips to distant countries and hunting for various animals that he loved to be embalmed, maybe to have some companionship.

A calendar of 2007, clothes scattered everywhere and some beds show that the house was probably occupied by homeless people, who have probably collected some Euros selling some of the embalmed animals found inside the house in the many second hand markets . Probably there was also an attempt to recover the building (there are props), but it has never been completed.

Who bought them is perhaps unaware that embalmed animals are destined to decline, just like this villa left to complete abandonment.


The access to the villa is at the back and is really very simple, just pay attention to some points that are unsafe. Since the hanging skins and the animals are very dirty and rotten, avoid touching them (it was enough for me to take some pictures and shoot the video). The area is very isolated, so you can safely park the car near The Villa Of The Taxidermist Doctor.


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