velchi: the death factory

The Death  Factory

Welcome to The  Death Factory, an abandoned building so called for the huge amount of toxic waste that produced and still are present.

Originally it was a factory that was responsible for transforming tomato waste and remained active until the 80s, then fell into a state of abandon and even nicknamed the new Chernobyl by the locals.

The private part has already been cleared by the owners, while the state property is still waiting for regional funds, who knows when they will arrive … Meanwhile, Velchi, day after day, decays and is increasingly destroyed to underline the neglect and the inexorable passing of time.

Who knows where the old owner is? Maybe moved to another country, retired or…dead like his factory…


The entrance is very easy and the zone is pretty isolated: you have only to cross an open gate and enjoy the urban exploration! Since there are many toxic waste, don’t touch anything and bring a mask with you. I lost the most beautiful part of this factory: I didn’t climb the top of the tower, but me and the other urbexer preferred to explore other near places like The Blue Church.




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